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        I am pleased to welcome you to our website. The institute is well known for various initiatives in the field of education. The institute has always seen quality education as first priority, thus, ensuring the academic rigour and over all personality development of the students.

        Consistent efforts are made for bringing in refinement in everything that concerns the institution. Faculty has a mix of academic and co-scholastic experience. The curricula and syllabi are regularly reviewed and revised in view of changing needs of the society in general and social environment in particular.

         Education is one of the top most priority, because it is believed that generation of knowledge enriches us with freshness and empowers each individual to our come obsolescence. However, since there is always scope for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, you valuable suggestions are solicited.

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        We at Green Valley Public School uphold the ethos and values of Indian culture interacted with the science knowledge and technology of western education leading to creation of global Indian leaders who could perform at any circumstances. By offering effective mentoring psychometric analysis yoga practices availability of excellent library with digital knowledge database, state of art, computer lab on focus attention on every individual student by our faculty.

        We ensure to highlight potential to each individual student and prepare them to cope up with the high level of performance in their academics. We inculcate in the students the habit of lateral and innovative thinking, reading habit, research orientation, decision making capability along with nurturing and developing physical and mental strength to sustain excel in their careers and their future.

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        I am extremely privileged to lead the institute which is an undisputed pioneer in the field of education . Our Faculty members are young and enrich of education world experience backed by excellent academic expertise.

        Over and above the academics are the part of the CBSE syllabus, lot of seminars, workshops and career orientation program are carried out to compute additional knowledge and effective mentoring of our students. We have a highly dedicated staff is always making efforts to assist our students in attaining a bright. A separate personality development session and spoken english classes are also held for the betterment of our students.

        We concentrate on the all round Holistic Development of our students in all aspects thereby enabling them to acquire the competency to deliver efficient and effective use of knowledge in practical real life situations furthering the performance excellence of the students in the organization, they join and at add value from the first day to their existing system.