About School

Green Valley Public School

        The Green Valley Public School offers its students in India,internationally renowned qualification that are recognized by educational institutions and employers across the globe. The school provides it students with the opportunity to gain global exposure by associating itself with different institutions. Our aim is to get our students globally recognized through these programs.

        The orientation and nurturing of the students are based on the understanding of the real world that he / she live in. Our students gain global exposure and insight through international knowledge-exchange programs. We successfully provide holistic education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as academics, sports, music and dramatics. Our school is a place where every student is known well according to his/her capability. The connection amongst students and faculty feels like family,where big dreams and aspirations are fulfilled,and where we care deeply about the success and excellence of every student. Allow us to offer superior quality learning experience.

  • Green Valley Public School Was Established on 2008.
  • The school got CBSE affiliated from July 2013 for composite provisional affiliation for secondary school examination of the board for a period of 4 years w.e.f. 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2017.
  • The affiliation code no. allotted to school is 1030677 & school no. 14557.
Our Objective

Strive for the best

  • We Aim At:Child Oriented Education.
  • We Inspire: Confidence, Discipline, Inquisitiveness and Perfection.
  • We Strive: Towards a World where the Mind is without Fear.
  • We Maintain: World Class Standards
  • We Hold: Indian Traditions and Cultural Heritage.
  • Our Assets & Strength: Dedicated Team of qualified & experienced. Technocrats, Academicians, Counselors, Faculty and Staff Members with missionary zeal.
  • We Adopt: Scientific and Innovative techniques, making learning "A Fun" and an enjoyable experience.
  • We Help: The Child to unravel the inherent potentials and talents.
Our Mission
  • To create strong academic base.
  • To develop Self-Confidence.
  • To instill communication skill.
  • To foster creativity.
  • To promote leadership quality.
  • To inculcate moral values.
  • To strengthen the never – say die spirit among our sons and daughters.
  • To sharpen the memory, reasoning and intelligence.
Our Motto

        The motto of our school is " VIDYA DADATI VINIYAM " vidya indicates wisdom and knowledge, the real treasure which Goddess Saraswati bestows upon the pupil. The true purpose of education is to breed politely, generosity and humbleness as is emphasized in looks of the goddess of knowledge, Gautam Buddha and the Mahatma. Our motto strive for the best means that if you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems.

Our Vision

What you can look forward to learn from Green valley.

The true essence of a school lies not in its infrastructure of four walls but its overall purpose of imparting quality education which includes the art of shaping individuals personality through multi-sensorial approach, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Our endeavour to help each child evolve into well rounded learners with multiple new ideas and changing needs to accomplish this we have designed an integrated curriculum which allows students to learn in great depth.